We speak to those who makes a difference to the lives of others.

Susan Lu volunteer with South East CDC 

“I felt happier after I started volunteering. I have learnt how to appreciate elderly and communicate with them. It is fulfilling and I would always want to be there for them.”


Susan Lu
Volunteer with South East CDC

Max Tan, volunteer with North East CDC 

“Volunteering has opened my mind and eyes to the different vulnerable groups in the society. There is a certain joy and satisfaction derived from seeing the isolated elderly opening themselves up to us.”


Max Tan
Volunteer with North East CDC

HP Singapore volunteers with South West CDC 

“HP keeps reinventing, creating technology that makes life better for everyone everywhere. We also make life better by bringing love and care to our communities.”


Lionel Chng,
Chief of Staff, HP Singapore

Corporate Volunteer with South West CDC

Mdm Teoh Chui Lien and Ms Tan Jhing Yein Camp Explore Volunteers with Central Singapore CDC 

“It’s more fun and meaningful to volunteer as a family. It also serves as a great platform for family bonding. By volunteering, we can learn to work with different groups of people and also gain valuable experiences. For first-time volunteers, family support will allow one to feel less awkward or out of place too.”


Mdm Teoh Chui Lien and Ms Tan Jhing Yein
Camp Explore Volunteers with Central Singapore CDC

Tai Sin Electric Ltd, corporate volunteers with North West CDC 

“We are no strangers to WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks, having also participated in the past two instalments of the programme. Year after year, we enjoy fruitful engagements with the residents. This is, of course, fuelled by our staff’s warm enthusiasm. We are committed to contribute and the Group’s community service activities are our long-term priorities.”


Ong Wee Heng,
Group CSR Chairman, Tai Sin Electric Ltd

Corporate Volunteer with North West CDC

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