7-year-old Shakthipriya Saravanan has proven that age is not a limitation to lend a helping hand to others. Shakthi was given a school project to work on for the June Holidays - to do something based on her passion. While many of her classmates pursued and explored their interests in singing, dancing and art, she chose to set up Shakthi's Care & Share Corner at her housing block.

The little girl with a big heart took her own savings of $400 to buy necessities and essential food items that were placed at the Care and Share corner for residents to help themselves to in the recent June holidays. This in turn inspired many others to pitch in by contributing more items at the corner to keep the project going and spun a whole series of ground-up community efforts to help and support those affected by the pandemic.

The South West CDC's programmes to reach out and uplift the lives of vulnerable residents have also seen a surge in volunteers and donations, such as the Festive Cheers @ South West initiative, which saw more than $600,000 worth of donations, double the amount from last year.

It goes to show the Singapore spirit of unity, giving and generosity which spurs us on to continue in our commitment to bring together people, partners, and resources to make our community a better home for all.