The South West Innovation Fund (SWIF+) is an initiative by the South West Community Development Council (CDC), in response to feedback by community partners to address the ever-changing community needs of the unserved, underserved and vulnerable in the South West District. Through this initiative, the South West CDC hopes to encourage community partners to innovate, and run ground-up projects that cannot be previously done due to resource constraints.

The objectives of the SWIF+ are as follows:

  1. Support local solutions or causes that addresses community needs that are niche, unmet or emerging;
  2. Complement national efforts and enable community partners, towards uplifting lives and improving social resilience and mobility; and
  3. Encourage volunteerism and philanthropy in the community, towards community development and assistance.

The key features of the SWIF+ is as below:
SWIF+ Key Features

To address the ever-changing community needs, SWIF+ aims to benefit the unserved, underserved and vulnerable in the South West community through SSOrgs and community organisations serving (not limiting to) the following target groups:

  • Youth-at-risk;
  • Abandoned and abused kids and/or seniors;
  • Underprivileged families or single parents; and/or
  • Sick and vulnerable.

Funding support or the initiatives will be contingent on merits and scale of the programme. The funds will go entirely towards programming and development of the initiatives.

The evaluation criteria of causes will be premised on social impact, urgency of need, sustainability, scalability and outreach. To apply, please use the attached South West Innovation Fund+ Application Form

Contact Us

For enquiries on application or to donate to the SWIF+, please contact Mr Charles Chin (Email: