How it Began
We observed that “Camping” is a popular activity that youths can fondly associate with - a time to make friends, have fun and learn new stuff. But we noticed that very few camps are organised for senior citizens, which could probably achieve the exact objectives - to extend their social network and learn new skills. 

Seniors’ Learning Camp is a 2D1N camp, where South East CDC introduces a series of team-building games, workshops and exciting activities to bond seniors aged 45 and above in a youthful, happy and fun environment. We create positive perceptions of ageing, showing participants ways they could lead an active lifestyle. After the camp, South East CDC continues to build their capacities and empower them to contribute actively to the community.


We introduced workshops such as Nurturing Your Mind, Enhancing Communication, Art Therapy, Positive Thinking. We exposed seniors to fun activities, such as Air Rifling, Laser/ Archery Tag and Outdoor Adventure like the Flying Fox and other obstacle courses. We are creating positive perceptions of ageing by showing them the many opportunities and activities they could participate and learn to lead an active lifestyle.


Furthermore, to encourage inter-dependant learning and mentoring, seniors from the Alumni are invited to facilitate the camps.
After the camp, the seniors would form in their groups to plan and organise one community project that could bring joy to the less fortunate. Over the past 7 camps, we have engaged more than 150 seniors who have implemented at least 14 community projects and outreached to at least 500 less privileged residents. The seniors also form an alumnus for sustained involvement in further learning, activities, workshops and projects.