The Pro Bono Services Office of the Law Society of Singapore is a Charity (Charity Registration No. T07CC2064L) and approved Institution of Public Character (IPC Registration No. IPC 000571).


Established on 10 September 2007, the Pro Bono Services Office has as its mission – to ensure access to justice by providing free legal assistance to those in need in our community.


The law is a mystery to many people; it is often confusing and even intimidating. Many people do not have access to a lawyer, either because they cannot afford or because of social resistance to seeing one. As a result, they ask for informal advice from friends and may receive inaccurate information with no way of verifying it. Every year, the legal clinics provide accurate and relevant legal information to thousands who need it but cannot otherwise afford to access it.


The Pro Bono Services Office runs a wide range of programmes and activities that can be categorised under:

  1. Free Legal Clinics run at the CDCs as well as at the State Court’s Community Justice Centre covering Family, Civil and Criminal issues;
  2. Representation for qualified accused persons under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS);
  3. Law Awareness initiatives, providing legal outreach, publications and partnerships with community organisations for their members and beneficiaries;
  4. Help for Non-Profit Organisations and Social Enterprises that start with legal clinics and go on to transactional help where necessary.

Have a legal problem? You may contact: 6536 0650 between Mondays and Fridays except Public Holidays, 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm or drop an email to  or complete the registration form here