South East CDC recognises that mental health is an emerging social-health issue. Issues can be complex and are often not addressed adequately due to lack of knowledge and coordination among community partners.

Community Mental Wellness Programme (CMWP) was established to address issues and gaps in mental health for the residents within South East district, including those living with or at risk of mental health issues. The aim is to build a resilient community where residents can empathise and support people with mental health issues, and encourage those with mental conditions to seek help.


Concerned by the increasing number of mental health cases raised by ground partners in 2013, South East CDC and MacPherson division initiated the MacPherson Community Mental Wellness Programme. The first workshop on community mental wellness was organised for local community partners to share challenges they faced with residents, with Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) providing training and advice on how best to handle these challenges. 


A 3-tier framework is used as a guide in the outreach and engagement effort to promote mental wellness.

  • 1st Tier: Raising awareness of mental wellness and reducing stigma on mental health conditions through talks and workshops for the community.
  • 2nd Tier: Providing support through workshops to equip mental health ambassadors with the knowledge to identify signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions, communicate effectively and the resources available.
  • 3rd Tier: Coordinating case discussion opportunities to help individuals and their caregivers integrate into the community.

Through the Community Mental Wellness Grant, we support our partners in customising mental health related programmes according to their needs for their participants and beneficiaries within the South East district.


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