Community Laboratory @ South East was conceived in 2011 as a four-stage community service leadership programme to immerse students in “real” community experiments and to raise their social consciousness. 

Given the success, Community Laboratory Programme had expanded to the corporate sector in 2014. This provides opportunities for corporate volunteers to understand community issues and implement relevant community projects. Many of the participants shared that this programme has given them rich learning experiences in understanding community landscape and issues in Singapore
Programme Highlights (4 I’s)
  • Introduced to “Many Helping Hands” approach and how each agency plays an integral role 
  • Meet the Advisor Sessions
  • Attach to Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) for deeper participation in community service work to better observe the issue 


  • Identify service gaps from briefings, interactions and attachments 
  • Create relevant community projects for targeted beneficiaries
  • Participate as mentors or volunteers in subsequent runs of the programme

It has been a humbling experience to be part of the Citi-SECDC Corporate Community Lab Programme. 

The opportunity to attend Meet-the-People sessions, internal discussions with ESM Goh Chok Tong and programmes conducted by our adopted VWO (THK FSC Macpherson) has definitely widened our knowledge on the issues and social needs within our society. 

Through these sessions, we were better able to implement a sustainable project for THK, and at the same time, creating a baseline model that other branches or family service centres can follow,”  

Sarah Ong, 
Corporate Affairs,
Citi Singapore