GIRO Donation Form

If you wish to make a donation to someone in need, we would love to hear from you! Please click here to download GIRO donation form.

If you are unable to download the form, please send us your contact details and mailing address and we will send you a hardcopy of the GIRO form.
You can be a Caring Angel today! Contact us at or 6590 3000.

South East Caring Angels Fund
South East Caring Angels Fund (CAF) is a community initiative which provides interim assistance to needy residents in the form of food, transport vouchers or other needs-based assistance. Unlike most initiatives which offer blanket assistance, donors to CAF are empowered with the selection of who they wish to aid, according to the specific needs of each individual beneficiary. The CDC is also a facilitator of the process and donors have the opportunity to befriend the beneficiary of their aid and build up rapport between fellow residents of the District.
South East Caring Angels Fund seeks to achieve the following:

a. To encourage the residents to help the less fortunate by providing a platform for them to


b. To fulfil unmet needs within the community by matching donations to the beneficiaries'

c. To enhance the spirit of community service and mutual support


d. To strengthen social cohesion and foster a gracious community