Green Homes @ North West

Green Homes @ North West is an initiative to encourage North West District residents to embrace Green Living at home through eco-friendly practices and purchase of energy efficient appliances.

Recycle @ North West

Join us at any of the Recycle @ North West Recycling Points each month to learn proper recycling techniques and help to sort recyclables alongside friends and neighbours!

Reduce @ North West

Reduce @ North West was launched in 2011 to educate and encourage residents to do their part in fighting climate change by reducing energy consumption. 

North West GIRAFFE Fund

The North West GIRAFFE Fund (Get Involved, Reach Out and Act! Fund for the Environment) Was set up in 2009 to support ground-up environmental projects for the environment.

North West Eco Trails

Explore thriving flora and fauna in the wilderness of SIngapore's green lungs! The North West Eco Trails offer 10 different scenic routes across the North West District to connect nature and people.

Waterways Clean-up @ North West

Waterways Clean-up @ North West is an initiative with Waterways Watch Society (WWS) that aims to impart the importance of protection and conservation within our waterways to primary and secondary schools in the district through assembly talk on environmental awareness programmes and litter monitoring programmes.

Keep Clean @ North West

Keep Clean @ North West seeks to reverse the littering trend in public spaces through learning about the littering problem and encouraging ownership of shared spaces among students in schools.