North West Community Development Council (CDC) firmly believes that everyone plays a part in making a difference to the community that we work and live in. We continually extend our expertise in community projects to support corporate organisations in giving back to the community. Find out more about the various areas that your organisation can do with North West CDC below.



Community Engagement 


Your organisation can help to uplift the lives of the needy residents by providing home improvement services / essentials to them, making their home a better and safer place to live in. Give back to the community today by joining us in our North West Care & Repair Programme or the WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks.

Healthy Living

Staying healthy is important to all regardless of your age. Contact North West CDC today if your organisation has a meaningful project meant for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. For instance, the North West SwimSafer Club for Seniors is a programme offered to seniors citizens to teach them on basic swimming and water survival skills, and is sponsored by our corporate partners. Your organisation too, can do the same for a project that you feel strongly about.


Saving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. If your organisation wishes to take action to protect the Earth, North West CDC has a range of green projects for your consideration. For example, Recycle @ North West, is a flagship programme organised by North West CDC and Tzu Chi Foundation to encourage recycling among the residents.



The learning process should begin when one is young. Children of needy families should not be placed at a disadvantage because of their financial background. To illustrate this belief, North West CDC launched a Matched Savings Programme with a partnering bank (North West Support Fundto cultivate good savings habit and build knowledge on financial literacy for children from needy families. North West CDC also provides bursaries to students from needy families to defray their schooling expenses. 


If your organisation wishes to carry out projects in the above mentioned areas, or you have a new idea that you wish to explore, do contact North West CDC for collaboration opportunities.


Call us at 6248 5566 or email us at today.