Please note that the schedule for our Healthy Living @ North West Clubs are subjected to variations due to the Covid-19 situation. 


North West Health Qigong Club members practicing qigong

Low impact for a big impact!

Working together with Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association, the North West Health Qigong Club was officially launched in 2008. The club hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle though regular qigong exercise as well as to encourage active ageing among the residents. Members of the club also get to enjoy perks such as regular health qigong gathering and outings.

North West Health Qigong Club celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2018 - Click here to download a copy of the 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book!

Click here for the list of locations of the North West Health Qigong Club. Residents who are interested in joining the North West Health Qigong Club may proceed to the nearest club. Alternatively, you may contact Tsang Wing Lam at


Learn or practice health qigong to enjoy improved health and emotional well-being!

易筋經 Yi Jin Jing
Translated as Tendon-Changing Classic, Yi Jin Jing routine is characterised by turning, bending and extending movements, which serve to strengthen the muscles and tendons.

五禽戏 Wu Qin Xi
A lively routine, Wu Qin Xi (Five Animals Frolic) simulates the actions of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird. Regular practice of Wu Qin Xi enhances the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, along with improving one's psychological condition. 

六字訣 Liu Zi Jue
Liu Zi Jue, also known as Six Healing Sounds, centres around the regulation and control of one's breath. By emphasising the coordination of breathing patterns and physical postures, it is an effective way for practitioners to experience a calmer state of mind.

八段錦 Ba Duan Jin
The movement in Ba Duan Jin (Eight-Section Brocade) focuses on maintaining equilibrium and stillness, mind and body, resulting in improved cellular immune function, and a strengthened respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular system.