Minister Ong Ye Kung and Mayor Dr Teo Ho Pin joined Mr Jonathan Tan and his team of dedicated volunteers to launch the North West 911 mobile application.

North West 911 is a resource-based application designed and developed as a ground-up initiative by North West Volunteers, and supported by the North West CDC, to improve the level of emergency consciousness and preparedness. The application aims to empower individuals with the essential information and knowledge to survive and save lives during emergencies.

Five key features:
- Guides to cope with 14 emergency scenarios
- First aid guides
- Emergency bag inventory checklist
- Location-based map function to identify nearest resources in North West District
- Emergency contact numbers of 10 most visited overseas destinations

The core features of the mobile application include a guide to deal with 14 emergency scenarios. Some scenarios are likely to occur in Singapore, such as fires and haze, while others are more likely to happen overseas, such as tremors, heavy snowfall and volcanic eruptions. Another key feature is a location-based map function to identify the nearest resources in the North West District, including polyclinics and police stations.

Download the North West 911 mobile app on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play!

Available on both iOS and Android. 📲