Bukit Panjang CC - pilot project under Eco CC @ North West initiative

Eco CC @ North West was launched to support Community Centres and Clubs (CCs), important community touch points, in the adoption of green practices to inculcate a culture of green living among residents in the North West District. 

The North West CDC links CCs with the relevant agencies and partners in the installation of green "hardware" - improve the building's energy and water efficiencies through infrastructural works; and adoption of green "software" - encourage green practices among residents.

Bukit Panjang CC, pilot project under Eco CC @ North West initiative, is the first existing CC in Singapore to be certified BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS. The annual potential savings for Bukit Panjang CC after its adoption of green features is at 90,000 kWh of energy (16% of total energy consumption), enough to power up close to 346 three-room flats for a month, and 1,000,000 litres of water, sufficient for the domestic consumption of 221 residents for a month.