The North West Community Development Council (CDC) has six standing committees to spearhead and align the CDC’s programmes to the key strategic directions.

The six standing committees are as follows:

1. Corporate Relations Standing Committee
The Corporate Relations Standing Committee aims to build up the branding and publicity for the CDC to better engage the community.

2. Finance Standing Committee
The Finance Standing Committee aims to maintain the financial solvency of the CDC.

3. Green Living Standing Committee
The Green Living Standing Committee aims to promote green culture in the district and social bonding through green programmes and causes. 

4. Healthy Living Standing Committee
The Healthy Living Standing Committee aims to build a health community in the district and promote social bonding through healthy living programmes.

5. Social Support Standing Committee
The Social Support Standing Committee aims to assist the needy residents in the district through local assistance schemes that complement national assistance schemes.

6. SkillsFuture Standing Committee
The SkillsFuture Standing Committee aims to develop programmes to engage the community to stay relevant through skills mastery and lifelong learning.