CDC Vouchers Scheme


The five Community Development Councils (CDCs) launched the inaugural CDC Vouchers Scheme on 12 June 2020. This community scheme is designed to help identified households to defray the cost of living and at the same time, support our local businesses tide through this COVID-19 period.

Each identified household will receive $50 worth of CDC vouchers (in $2 denomination), redeemable at participating local merchants and hawkers in the heartlands. The CDC vouchers can be used island-wide.

To encourage safe distancing and minimise over-crowding at the Community Clubs/ Centres (CC), we are progressively rolling-out the collection. Identified households will be receiving notification letters containing information on the collection at your respective CCs.

If you are a merchant looking to participate in this scheme, please register here and our colleagues will be in touch with you.

List of Merchants

Click here for the list of merchants in Central Singapore District who are participating in the CDC Vouchers Scheme. 

(Note: Information accurate as at 9 April 2021)

Look out for this CDC Vouchers Scheme decal displayed at participating merchants.

CS CDC Voucher Decal