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Sign up as participating hawkers and heartland merchants to accept CDC vouchers.

No Commissions or Fees
Next-Day Payout
No Handling of Physical Vouchers
Register Interest Online Form

Step 1

Enter the postal code of your stall to find out its CDC Details.

Step 2

Click on the relevant CDC logo below and fill in the online form. Our Ambassadors will get in touch with you after you have submitted the form.

Step-By-Step Video Guide

Step-By-Step Guide

Download our step-by-step guide in the following languages:

1) What is the CDC Vouchers Scheme?

In Budget 2021, Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat announced the CDC Vouchers Scheme to thank Singaporeans for their sense of solidarity and to support local businesses at HDB estates/heartland enterprises and hawkers.  Each household will receive $100 CDC Vouchers and will benefit up to 1.3 million Singaporean households.

The CDC vouchers will be in a digital format to support the Smart Nation initiative.

2) What are the key benefits of signing up?

With the roll-out of the CDC Vouchers Scheme, participating merchants and hawkers can expect the following:

  1. Next-day payout*
  2. No commissions or fees
  3. No handling of physical vouchers

*Merchant would need to ensure bank account/PayNow proxy (handphone, NRIC, or UEN), provided to PA are accurate in order to achieve the reimbursement timeline.

CDC Ambassadors will assist participating merchants and hawkers to successfully onboard the CDC Vouchers Scheme.

3) What are the steps to come on board the scheme?

There are two (2) key stages of participation:

  1. Stage 1 – Register your interest with:

    a) the CDC Ambassadors, or Digital Ambassadors from the SG Digital Office, who will be reaching out to eligible merchants from October 2021, or
    b) alternatively, register your interest with your CDC at


  2. Stage 2 – A CDC Ambassador will get in touch with you for the sign up and onboarding. Training will be provided during the onboarding process.
4) I was approached by individuals claiming to be ambassadors for the CDC Vouchers Scheme. How can I verify that they are authorised personnel?

To assist merchants in the registration of interests and onboarding process, IMDA’s Digital Ambassadors and CDC Ambassadors are deployed island wide. 

The IMDA’s Digital Ambassadors can be identified by the uniform and button badge they will be wearing during deployment:

DA uniform
Sample of Digital Ambassador’s Uniform

The CDC Ambassadors can be identified by the official lanyard and button badge during the deployment as shown:

Sample of Button Badge worn by CDC Ambassador

Sample of CDC Ambassador’s lanyard

Lanyard Tag - CDC Ambassadors
Sample of CDC Ambassador’s nametag

5) How will customers know that they can use the vouchers at my place of business?

All participating merchants and hawkers are required to prominently display the CDC Voucher decal at their shop front for visibility to customers. You will receive the decal upon successful onboarding.

6) How can I get more information about the CDC Vouchers Scheme?

Please call the PA Contact Centre at 6225 5322.

7) How can I register interest to participate in the CDC Vouchers Scheme?

Please register your interest with your CDC using the respective forms above.  To find out which CDC your stall falls under, please key in your postal code.  An officer will be in touch with you within 14 calendar days upon submission of the form.

8) How can I check on my application status after I have submitted my interest to participate?

If you have submitted your application and have not received a reply after 14 calendar days from the date of submission, please contact your respective CDC to check on the status of your application.  We seek your patience as our Ambassadors are reaching out to a large number of merchants progressively in the next few months.

Central Singapore CDC

North East CDC

North West CDC

South East CDC

South West CDC

9) I had previously participated as a merchant in the CDC Vouchers Tranche 1 (Jun 2020 onwards) and/or Tranche 2 (Jan 2021 onwards). Do I auto-qualify, or do I still need to register to join this CDC Vouchers Scheme

No, there is no auto-qualification as this is a digital scheme.  We are inviting hawkers and heartland merchants to register for the scheme, and our ambassadors will be reaching out to you at your shop.  Alternatively, please see question 7 above on how you can register your interest. 

10) What do I need to prepare to sign up and onboard as a merchant/hawker?

During the sign-up process, we will obtain your business contact information (such as the bank account details, contact information and UEN used by your business). If you wish to provide other personal information to us (such as your NRIC No.), we may accept the information.

You will need to prepare supporting documents for your bank account or PayNow proxy (handphone, NRIC or UEN), depending on which mode of payment was chosen.


Samples of supporting documents for merchant’s PayNow (left) and bank account details (right).  Merchants may prepare either type of supporting document based on mode of payment chosen.

If you are an iPhone user, please also prepare your Apple ID and password on hand as you will need this to be able to download the RedeemSG Merchant app to be able to accept the CDC Vouchers.

11) How do i gain access to the app?

You may download the app 'RedeemSG Merchant' on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


A CDC Ambassador will get in touch with you for the sign up and onboarding. Training will be provided during the onboarding process, and you will be provided with your unique shop code to access the app.

12) How do i get my shop code?

You will receive your shop code from the CDC Ambassador during your onboarding session. It will also be sent to you via SMS to your registered mobile number

13) Can I share the RedeemSG Merchant account with my staff? How do they login to the app?

Yes! Your staff can download the RedeemSG Merchant app using their own device, and log-in using the same shop code that was issued to you via SMS or from the CDC Ambassador. You may share your shop code with your staff by going to Settings > Show Shop Code on the app.


They will be able to scan vouchers, and view transactions and payouts, but will not be able to edit any merchant details such as address or bank details

14) I currently have multiple shop branches. Am I able to track each of the shops’ transactions individually and ensure only one branch’s staff can see that branch’s records?

Yes, in order to enable this, you can sign-up each branch as a single shop account and that shop will be issued its own shop code. Staff will then only be able to see that particular shop’s transactions.

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For enquiries, call the PA Contact Centre at 6225 5322

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