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CDC Vouchers Scheme 


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched the $130 million CDC Vouchers Scheme for all Singaporean households.

Up to 1.3 million Singaporean households will each receive $100 in CDC vouchers, which can be spent at all participating hawkers and heartland merchants. The scheme aims to support heartlands hawkers and merchants, as well as thank Singaporeans for their sense of solidarity during the pandemic.

Residents can visit go.gov.sg/cdcv to claim the vouchers for their households by 31 December 2022, after which they will receive a link that can be shared with the household, to be used for purchases at participating hawkers and merchants. Do note that only one member from each household will need to make the claim.

Assistance will be available at designated Community Centres / Residents' Committees, and priority shall be given to seniors without household members to help them claim their vouchers.

Residents without smartphones or who need to set up their Singpass or reset their Singpass password will also be assisted at the CCs during the Scheme duration. There will also be the option of printing hardcopy vouchers at the CCs.

Search for the nearest participating hawkers and heartland merchants: CDC Go Where

For more information, you may visit: CDC Vouchers Scheme

The next tranche of the CDC Vouchers Scheme announced by Finance Minister Mr Lawrence Wong during Budget 2022 will be part of the Household Support Package to support Singaporean households in their daily expenses.  The CDCs will launch another set of CDC Vouchers for 2022 in the next few months. Residents may use the vouchers until the end of the year, at participating heartland merchants and hawkers.

Under the Assurance Package, two more tranches will be planned for launch in 2023 and 2024. More details will be provided when ready.