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Caregiving @ South West

The Caregiving @ South West initiative aims to rally the community to Celebrate caregivers and caregiving; Support caregivers; and Empower a caring community, with the following desired outcomes:

⦁ Awareness and appreciation of caregiving;
⦁ More support and resources for caregivers; and
⦁ Build a caregiving network to provide care and support to caregivers and care recipients. 
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1. Celebrate
(i)Caregiving @ South West Collar Pin
(ii)Caregiving @ South West Roadshows
(iii)Caregiving @ South West Help Kit


(i)South West Caregiver Support Fund

An interim assistance to help caregivers defray self-care and caregiving expenses, i.e. one-time upfront funding of $500 per caregiver. The eligibility criteria and administration of the South West Caregiver Support Fund is similar to the CDC local schemes and will take effect from January 2019.

Eligibility criteria
  1. Singapore Citizen or at least one (1) immediate family member is a Singapore Citizen;
  2. Resident of South West District;
  3. Caregiver and Care Recipient reside in the same household;
  4. Care recipient requires assistance in at least three (3) of the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) - washing, feeding, dressing, toileting and mobility;
  5. Total Gross Monthly Household Income of $3,500 or Per Capita Income (PCI) of $875, whichever is lower; and
  6. Discretion of the Grassroots Leaders/Volunteers for residents with exceptional family and financial difficulties.

Kindly click here to apply for the South West Caregiver Support Fund.

(ii)South West Caregiver Care Guide

A Guide to provide information and tips to help caregivers look after their loved ones
as well as take care of their own emotional health, highlighting:



  • Assess your home environment
  • Seek Help from a medical social worker
  • Keep a copy of the discharge summary


  • Care for yourself
  • Arrangements for care
  • Routine
  • Engaged loved ones in conversation

Click here to view the South West Caregiver Care Guide.

(iii)South West Caregiver-Friendly Workplace Advisory

A guide for employers to make workplaces more friendly for caregivers, through practical ideas like flexi-work arrangements, put together with the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) and Workforce Singapore.

Click here to view the Advisory.

(iv) South West Cares Referral Guide

The South West Care Referral Guide (revised edition) is a guide for community volunteers to support caregivers with caregiving support information and services.

Click here to view the South West Cares Referral Guide.


(i)South West Caregivers Hotline to support caregivers on caregiving-related enquiries and for volunteers to sign up for Respite Day Out.

Caregiving Hotline

(ii)South West Caregivers Empowerment Kit for social service agencies to empower their staff and caregivers through sharing of best practices and relevant workshops and talks

(iii) Series of Caregiver Respite Day 2020 to promote volunteerism in the community and the importance of self-care for caregivers

Live Well, Age Well Calendar 2019

A Calendar with tips covering aspects on physical wellness, mental and social wellness, caregiving tips (new) and financial planning and advice.

AIC Go Respite

Go Respite is a new pilot programme that encourages caregivers to plan ahead and identify a suitable respite care that is able to meet their needs and those of their loved ones. Caregivers can pre-enrol with their preferred senior care centre or nursing home and complete some necessary pre-admission applications in advance. This shortens the time it takes to access respite care when you need it. Caregivers whose loved ones is successfully pre-enroled can contact their preferred service provider directly should they require respite care.

Visit www.silverpages.sg/gettingrespite to learn more about Go Respite and pre-enrol today!