What We Do



Learning is a lifelong process and South West CDC firmly believes in providing holistic educational support to our residents, young and old.



South West CDC works closely with our corporate partners to assist our needy students in their educational, transport and meals expenses.

-          South West CDC - KKL Meals Bursary

-          South West CDC - ExxonMobil Transport Bursary

-          South West CDC - KKL Education Grant

-          South West Tertiary Grant (apply  here)

A grant to defray needy tertiary students from their educational expenses and fosters volunteerism among them through involvement in community projects. 

Tertiary Grant Poster


Local Programmes

The support from our corporate and community partners has been crucial in providing our residents with more holistic assistance.


-          Adopt @ South West

  • Adopt-A-Precinct (AAP) @ South West
  • Adopt-A-Rental Block (AARB) @ South West

Provides social support and activities to enrich and uplift lives of needy families and vulnerable elderly living in one (1) – to three (3)-room flats, addressing five (5) core needs:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Social Wellness
  3. Home Safety and Improvement
  4. Education
  5. Enrichment


-          Integrated Health Screening @ South West

Provides a one-stop health, eye and ear screening and aids for needy residents, free of charge.



Help Schemes

The South West CDC hopes to strengthen the safety net and benefit more needy residents through our various help schemes.

Click here to view the South West Community Resource Map.
SW Resource Map


WeCare @ South West Initiative

WeCare @ South West

At the South West CDC, we strive to provide holistic assistance to our residents and support self-help. Together with our dedicated partners and volunteers, we have rolled out a series of bursaries to promote social mobility, as well as schemes and programmes to better address specific needs of our residents.

Click here to view the PDF of South West Cares Referral Guide.
SW Care Referral Guide Image

 Click here for WeCare PLUS @ South West Referral Form.

South West Cares Referral Guide