Woke Wednesday

The South West CDC and Life3 Biotech (LIFE3) collaborated to launch the “Woke Wednesday” campaign today at Westwood Primary School. Woke Wednesday is Singapore’s first nation-wide campaign to promote food security, health and sustainability in schools.

To spread the notion of sustainable development, Westwood Primary School would be serving food rich in vegetable protein every Wednesday as part of the "Woke Wednesday'' programme.  As part of the initiative, food technology company Life3 Biotech would supply the school with three months of Peasy, a food rich in vegetable protein, for free.

Some of the students who took part in the food tasting revealed that the taste of peasy was similar to meat. This initiative would also include a series of online and offline talks, providing students with a handbook and setting up a website for games to help students better understand the notion of sustainable development. Mayor for South West District Low Yen Ling said she hoped to introduce healthier, more sustainable food options to students of South West District through the programme, and hoped to reduce carbon footprint.