WeCare Arts Fund @ South West

WeCare Arts Fund is a grant scheme by the National Arts Council and People’s Association. The fund aims to support Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in the 5 districts in Singapore through the Community Development Councils to:
  1. Broaden access for SSAs to engage their beneficiaries through the arts;
  2. Enable SSAs to deepen the engagement with their beneficiaries through the arts

WeCare Arts Fund is open to all SSAs that are keen to work with artist/arts organisation to bring arts to their beneficiaries. The projects could take the form of workshops or co-creation of performances and exhibitions. Application for the WeCare Arts Fund can be submitted via the Our SG Grants Portal

Contact Us

Please contact Ms Teng Jia Hui (Email: TENG_Jia_Hui@pa.gov.sg) to apply or for further enquiries. 

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WeCare Arts Experiences @ South West

WeCare Arts Experiences is a funding programme by the National Arts Council and People’s Association. The fund aims to bring arts into the community by providing residents from less privileged backgrounds access to ticketed arts and cultural experiences that are specially curated by the National Arts Council and cultural institutions. Beneficiaries are encouraged to attend with immediate family members, caregivers or befrienders to bond over a shared arts experience and strengthen social ties.

The fund supports tickets of up to $40 each (excluding ticketing fees), transportation and light refreshments for

•                     beneficiaries who are recipients of SSA’s services and assistance;

•                     beneficiaries who receive financial and social assistance support from community partners;

•                     immediate family of beneficiaries; and

•                     volunteers who accompany beneficiaries to the arts experiences.

Please refer to the programme menu for curated list of eligible programmes.

WeCare Arts Experiences is open to all Social Service Agencies (SSAs), Grassroots Organisations (GROs) and Self-Help Groups. To apply, please download the WeCare Arts Experiences Application Form and submit via email submission 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the programme.

Contact Us

Please contact Ms Teng Jia Hui (Email: TENG_Jia_Hui@pa.gov.sg) to apply or for further enquiries.