The Integrated Care Programme (ICP) @ South West is a wrap-around child-centric programme to improve the social mobility of vulnerable primary school students with issues such as absenteeism. It involves integrating the strengths and resources of stakeholders to deliver holistic upstream intervention to help the students. 

The ICP @ South West was piloted at Chua Chu Kang Primary School and Teck Whye Primary School to target vulnerable primary school students. 

The objectives of Integrated Care Programme @ South West are to: 

  1. Uplift and enrich the lives of the vulnerable students’ and their families through a holistic family intervention approach;
  2. Achieve a sustainable engagement of families upon the children’s graduation from the programme;
  3. Develop a collaborative leadership culture among organisations; and
  4. Promoting an inclusive community through integration of students of different needs.

The core partners of the programme are namely:

  1. Keat Hong Grassroots Organisations (GROs): Support community scouting activities which provides opportunities for high needs students under school-based scouting programme to intermingle with the mainstream students, and to provide venue for programme-related activities.
  2. New Life Community Services: Run intervention programme for low needs students after school hours.
  3. SHINE Children and Youth Services (SHINE): Conduct engagement programme for mid needs students, provide manpower for a school social worker to be based in the schools, and to assist the schools in case management.
  4. The Singapore Scout Association (SSA): Organise experiential and value-based activities for high needs students and to facilitate community scouting within the community.
  5. Ministry of Social and Family Development Council (MSF): Provide the FAST-CDC Screener Tool to prescript students into the respective needs tiers and to provide training for the usage of tool.
  6. Trampolene Limited: Provide a case management system and data analytics to track students’ need and progress.
  7. South West Community Development Council: Act as an aggregator of community resources and supporting the implementation of programme.

There are currently about 70 students under the ICP @ South West programme. 

icp1 icp2
icp3 icp4
(Photographs of Community Scouting)

Recent Programmes

As part of the school holidays in end November 2020, the CDC worked with the two participating schools to engage about 20 students under ICP @ South West via a pottery workshop on 24 and 26 November 2020. The workshop include background of the Dragon Kiln in Singapore, hands-on exercises on pottery works and a mini wheel demonstration. 

The choice of activity was based on feedback from the schools to explore interesting hands-on activities for school holiday programmes, as well as to expose students to activities that they usually will not have the chance to do so.