YEAR 2022

6 Mar 2022
Festive Cheers @ South West Adopts targetted approach to meet needs of vulnerable residents

16 Jan 2022

Reuse before Recycling : Share-Your-Book @ South West

YEAR 2021

12 Dec 2021
Spreading Festive Cheers to 7,200 households in the South West District

9 Dec 2021
Appreciating public healthcare workers with 5,000 specially curated care packs

30 Nov 2021
South West CDC launches $1 million South West Care Fund in support of Vulneraable residents

17 Nov 2021
Woke Wednesday – Singapore’s first nation-wide campaign to promote food security, health and sustainability in schools

13 Nov 2021
AmCham Singapore concludes the third year of its community partnership with South West Community Development Council

1 Nov 2021
Over 1,000 vulnerable families in 5 Boon Lay rental blocks received GIFTS OF LOVE from South West CDC and ExxonMobil

31 Oct 2021
Over 1,000 vulnerable families in 5 Boon Lay rental blocks received GIFTS OF LOVE from South West CDC and ExxonMobil

9 Oct 2021
New online interactive game launched to educate youth and young adults about palliative care in conjunction with World Hospice and palliative care day

24 Sep 2021

New job portal brings technology boost to job search

25 Aug 2021
Sweet treats for vulnerable families in the spirit of National Day

7 July 2021
The Girl's Brigade Singapore and South West CDC Rally Singaporeans to fulfil the wishes of 3,000 vulnerable residents

26 Jun 2021
Technopreneur challenge to groom tomorrow's Innovators - applying stem and design thinking to sustainability solutions

16 Apr 2021
3M and Science Centre Singapore launches in augural 3M Tinkering headstart " South West program

28 Feb 2021
South West CDC wraps up Festive Cheers @ South West with record number of partners reach

8 Feb 2021
Bringing Festive Cheers to vulnerable families in the South West district this Chinese New Year

23 Jan 2021
Youths in the South West district gain testbed and mentorship opportunities for their zero waste innovations 

YEAR 2020

28 Dec 2020
Festive wishes for 300 children in the South West district 

18 Dec 2020
Residents in Brickland benefit from launch of food bank vending machine

12 Dec 2020
2,500 bento sets to send love to South West residents this festive season

09 Dec 2020
Spreading festive warmth through piping hot Christmas-themed bento meals

24 Nov 2020
South West CDC appoints new council of volunteers that pledges its commitment to serve the community

30 Oct 2020
7,500 children in South West District receive handwash to encourage good hygiene habits in view of Covid-19

29 Oct 2020

Over 200 green job opportunities as part of first eco jobs discovery in Chua Chu Kang eco town and nearby vicinity

17 Oct 2020
1,000 households in Boon Lay division receive grocery packs with face masks and hand sanitisers  

12 Oct 2020
Spreading love to 1,200 vulnerable households and children in South West district

21 Aug 2020
CDCs extend SkillsFuture @ CDC 2020 in response to Government’s efforts to provide continued support to Singaporeans in jobs and skills

15 Aug 2020
900 vulnerable households in the South West to receive frozen food packs worth  $34,000

7 Aug 2020
Five CDCs to hold Skillsfuture @ CDC 2020 ‘The Future Of You’ to support local community and businesses in lifelong learning reskill and upskill

24 July 2020
South West CDC launches online Qigong flashmob in line with 10th Anniversary of Health Qigong @ South West

24 June 2020
Laptops & tablets worth $100,000 to help low-income families in South West district

22 June 2020
1,000 fresh tertiary graduates from low-income families to benefit from $500,000 Graduate Relief & Individual Training (GRIT) Fund

15 June 2020
2,000 students from low-income families in South West district receive new HP laser printers to help them in their home-based learning 

12 June 2020
400,000 households to benefit from CDC vouchers scheme

8 June 2020

South West CDC and P&G distributes 3,000 care packs to beneficiaries and frontline staff in the South West

21 May 2020
Nurturing green values in children towards a sustainable South West

29 April 2020
South West CDC works with local SME to donate air purifiers to Polyclinics in South West district as part of Covid-19 relief efforts

25 April 2020
P&G Donates 300,000 Care Packs to Migrant Workers totalling S$5m as part of COVID-19 Relief Efforts

14 April 2020
12,000 students to benefit from CDC Student Meals Scheme

10 April 2020
20,000 reusable containers to be distributed to residents in the South West District for food takeaways

20 March 2020
A whole-of-community to spread cheers to frontline workers amidst Ccovid-19

5 February 2020
More partners and individuals stepping forward for the community in South West district

19 January 2020
South West district kicks off sustainability efforts with zero waste roadshows and district-wide recycling

YEAR 2019

17 December 2019
Festive cheers goes green first ever South West eco festive packs to benefit 7,000 vulnerable households

2 November 2019
Caring for our environment as a way of life

26 October 2019
Empowering caregivers through a slew of initiatives under caregiving @ South West

20 October 2019
Taking charge and owning your health through the Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme Plus @ South West

15 September 2019
New series of parent-child bonding programmes tailored to needs of families in South West district 

7 September 2019
Integrated care programme for young children and their families launched in South West

27 August 2019
Instill Healthy habits from young for a better head start 

7 August 2019
Giving has no boundaries

1 Aug 2019
South West residents learn about district's green heritage at Singapore Bicentennial roadshow

24 July 2019
A leg up to level up South West CDC reinforces social safety net with renewed focus on social mobility

18 July 2019
Skillsfuture Festive @ South West looks at future growth industries and new tripartite programme for the vulnerable

4 May 2019
1,500 paddlers raise $30,000 for needy families as part of opening celebrations for Passion Wave @ Jurong Lake Gardens

21 Apr 2019
Beyong classrooms - seeding learning and career opportunities in Green Spaces @ South West

7 Apr 2019
A whole of community celebrates World Health Day with seminar to promote better health and wellness

4 Apr 2019
Adult learning begins at the workplace

20 Mar 2019
Preschoolers strut their stuff for sustainability

14 Mar 2019
Youth speak up for sustainable future

24 Feb 2019
More support for vulnerable families through Adopt @ South West

21 Feb 2019
Holy smoke & incense : The burning matter 

13 Feb 2019
Small but mighty at heart 

27 Jan 2019
A green nation takes a proactive community 

17 Jan 2019
Strengthening interfaith and cultural understanding through district-wide interfaith festive pack distribution

13 Jan 2019
South West takes e-waste seriously