The Community Outreach Programme for the Elderly (COPE) aims to enhance the physical, social and emotional well-being of elderly residents in the South East District..  


South East CDC works in tandem with our COPE teams to strengthen the social infrastructure supporting the frail, needy and lonely elderly. The partnership empowers our COPE Teams, volunteers and the community to continually work towards better engagement of active agers and providing social support to vulnerable seniors.

Besides funding, South East CDC organises quarterly COPE networking sessions to strengthen relationships among COPE teams and link them with other elderly services providers. We also connect COPE teams with schools and corporate partners who are keen to contribute their services (such as befriending, outings, etc.).


In FY 2019, South East CDC worked with 7 COPE Teams, with more than 350 active volunteers serving over 3,000 seniors within the South East District.

  • Bethesda Care Services
  • Bethesda Cathedral
  • Friends of Third Age (Presbyterian Community Services)
  • House of Joy (City Harvest Community Services Association)
  • Montfort GoodLife!
  • Neighbour Ring Community Services
  • Sunlove Day Activity Centre – Eunos (Sunlove Abode for Intellectually-Infirmed Ltd)

Increased Access to Services & Activities

Through the COPE teams, seniors have access to services and activities run by staff and volunteers. They range from befriending services, housekeeping, escort and meal services, outing invitations to centre-based activities. Regular home visits and outings are organised so that seniors who are unable to join centre-based activities are also able to participate meaningfully. 

Centre-based activities vary among the COPE Teams depending on the needs of the seniors they serve. They include mental & physical wellness activities, art & crafts, basic language courses, karaoke, group games such as bingo, rummy-o, lawn mat bowling, etc.

Besides participating in daily activities, some seniors in COPE Teams also initiate and run interest groups. Active agers are encouraged to organise activities and reach out to other seniors in the community. By promoting active aging and giving, these seniors challenge misperceptions that the elderly are always on the receiving end of society

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