The CDC promotes the culture of giving back and hopes to see more ground-up initiatives from the community. The CDC could connect community and corporate resources together to provide monetary support and extend project management expertise and advice to support ground-up initiatives through the North West WeCare Fund, open to volunteer groups or schools.

Project should have the following elements:

Community Impact: meets the needs or improves the lives of the local community by adopting local causes
(ii) Sustainable: go beyond one-off / ad hoc activities
(iii) Multiplier Effect: partnering Corporate, GROs, Schools, VWOs or the Community

The following are specifically disallowed for funding:

Projects that are profit oriented
Projects for fund raising purposes
Institution’s on-going programmes
Capital expenditure (i.e. fixed assets – equipment, property, land etc.)
Operating expenditure (i.e. salaries, utilities bills etc.)
Capacity building (i.e. course fees, salaries for professional trained personnel etc.)
Expenditure deemed extravagant or not integral to the project (e.g. prizes, goodie bags, admission tickets for volunteers etc.)
Overseas trips
Inflammatory or discriminatory religious and / or racial elements, advance a partisan political agenda or be contrary to the interest of community and society at large

Volunteer groups and schools who are keen to apply for the North West WeCare Fund may download the form here, or contact Jasmine Qiu at