Mayor with the children supporting Reuse @ North West, Bukit Panjang Books Exchange project

Over-consumption and increased waste pose environmental problems and landfill issues in Singapore. At the present rate that Singapore is sending waste to Semakau Landfill, it will run out of space by 2035.

Reuse @ North West aims to encourage residents to conserve resources by sharing and reusing pre-loved items to minimise waste generation.

North West CDC will support ground-up initiatives with funding, partnership and guidance in formulating projects under Reuse @ North West.

Reuse @ North West - Bukit Panjang Books Exchange was opened on 20 May 2018 to encourage residents to donate or exchange their pre-loved books, which are still in good condition, at Bukit Panjang CC Level 2. 

If you have an idea for a project to promote the concept of reuse, please write to Goh Shan Jin at