Established in 2011, the North West Student Support Fund (SSF) provides bursaries to defray educational expenses, and developmental programmes to increase social mobility of students from less-privileged backgrounds.

This fund provides needy students with the early educational bridges to enable them to enjoy equal opportunities as their peers when they leave school, through two social mobility pillars – Student Assist and Student Wise programmes.

The SSF has benefitted over 130,000 needy students since 2011.

Student Assist Programme

(a) North West Heart for Students Programme

The CDC works closely with Ministry of Education and the schools within the North West District to identify the beneficiaries. Schools will rally their community to support and contribute to the fund, to help families with financial difficulties to cope with their children’s school expenses. The donations raised by the schools’ community will be matched by the CDC.  

(b) WeCare @ North West - Ready for School

Bursaries are given to kindergarten students to to purchase school essentials for their formal education in primary school. The CDC works closely with Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and GROs to identify and disburse the funds.

 Student Wise Programme

(a) North West Student Wise Enrichment Programme

The CDC works closely with schools located within the North West District to identify the students. Students will attend a series of workshops to develop skills in listening and communications, social etiquette, and public speaking. They also attend motivational workshops to build confidence and improve their interpersonal skills in social settings. 

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The North West CDC has launched its first-ever public fundraising campaign from 17 May to 16 August 2022 in support of the SSF. Themed Nurturing Youths, Warming Hearts, the campaign supported by President Halimah Yacob comes at a critical time where the CDC is raising funds for the SSF after a two-year enforced hiatus, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Achieving the target of $500,000 in donations would enable the CDC to continue assisting and empowering less-privileged students living in the North West District, ensuring that they have access to equal opportunities to grow their potential and achieve the best versions of themselves.

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