Mozzie Watch Keeper @ North West mobile app

To address the urgency of Dengue and Zika prevention, particularly in our warmer mid-year months where cases typically peaked, the North West Community Development Council (CDC) launched Mozzie Watch Keeper @ North West on 24 May 2016. The programme will rally the community to learn, prevent, spot and report cases of potential mosquito breeding grounds swiftly through a mobile app. The programme ran from May to December 2016.

Five-Step Mozzie Wipeout
To prevent the growth of the mosquitoes in the North West District, residents are encouraged to practice the five-step mozzie wipeout. The five key steps are:

  1. Changing water in vases/bowls on alternate days;
  2. Removing water from flower pot plates on alternate days;
  3. Turning over all water storage containers; 
  4. Covering bamboo pole holders when not in use; and
  5. Clearing blockages and put BTI insecticide in roof gutters monthly