From the Mayor’s Desk 

At North East CDC, caring and uplifting our residents remains to be the core focus behind our endeavours.

We recognise that the social issues faced on the ground are increasingly more complex – ranging from helping our young families to cope with the cost of living, ensuring that our residents are ready for the structural unemployment, supporting the unemployed, caring for our seniors and our environment.

Therefore, the role of North East CDC as a key aggregator is critical, where we bring in the right resources to address these needs. We also aim to strengthen our social infrastructure, so that our residents who fall through the crack can find immediate help through our local assistance schemes. At the same time, beyond the local and national schemes, we strive to promote social cohesion in the community by creating platforms for neighbours to help neighbours regardless of race and religion.

In view of the above, North East CDC has been actively reaching out to our community and corporate partners in co-creating meaningful programmes to plug these gaps. I welcome you to browse the list of programmes and activities on this website.

We will continue to listen to your feedback and strive to enhance our programmes and schemes to serve the needs of our residents. You too can do your part in helping us co-create a Caring North East community. Do write in and share your thought with us.

Desmond Choo

Mayor of North East District